November 4, 2010

Some articles about cookware

Finding a right cookware set for your home can be confusing task as there are so many choices out there today. Choosing a best cookware from massive information, would almost like finding a needle in a haystack. But it does not have be confusing as we have done extensive research to show you quick steps for you to find and buy right cookware for you. There are many types of cookwares, with different features, many brands to choose from that fits your cooking and life style. We will show you not only steps to pick right one and will give you our top recommended choices that has worked for our team of testers. Hopefully, making it easier to pick and choose the best cookware for your kitchen, your way.

Step 1: Know your cooking style

Do you cook a lot, or would you like to cook more at home? Do you like to use less fat, oil? Maybe some non-stick material would be a better choice for you. Are you just replacing one broken piece from your set or buying a whole set? If you are going to buy many cookware pieces, we recommended buying a whole set instead of purchasing individual pieces as it can cost you twice the money to get all pieces individually.

What type of cooking range you use will make difference on your cookware too. For example, for smooth top ranges, flat bottom cookwares are the best. For induction cooking range, stainless steel and curve bottom cookware tend to work better.

Top Rated and Best Cookware

* Best Stainless Steel Set:

We really love and highly recommend this 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set as  it  has it all with quality, heat conductivity, easy clean up. Premium All clad quality without the all-clad price tag.

* Best NonStick Cookware Set:

You are good to go with this exceptionally well built and reasonably priced cookware set. It is made hard anodized material so you will get non-stick quality without worrying about coating peeling.

November 4, 2010

How to buy cookware

Functionality and features in best cookware:

Choosing right cookware can be overwhelming choice to make for many.  How do you know what works right for you?  These are the features we look for when we buy and review each cookware and kitchen products and this one article, also will help you pick right cookware pieces and set for you .

  • Heat conductivity:

Various metal cookware materials can heat up very differently and will make difference in your cooking. Best heat conductivity means better Copper is the best heat conductor, followed by cast-iron and aluminum cookware. Copper tend be on expensive side to buy a whole set. You can always pick a one or few pieces and do mix and match. Cast iron is great heat conductor requires some work of seasoning and maintain.Choosing enamel cast iron can give you best of heat conductivity with no seasoning and maintaining it required. Stainless steel alone is not best heat conducting.

  • Retaining heat:

Heat conductivity is great but if your cookware loses its heat, that will not benefit the cooking process. Some metal tend to lose heat more quicker compared to other metals. Bare cast iron and enamel based cast iron are good heat conductor and can retain heat for long time, even after you take it off from stove top. Stainless steel can heat much longer than aluminum cookware.

We like Enamel cast iron best for retaining heat and no extra seasoning and maintaining work. Also all-clad material made with stainless steel with copper inner core also gives benefit of heat conductivity and long heat retaining ability from stainless steel material.

  • Cooking Surface:

There are several type of cooking surface to consider when you are looking to buy a best cookware that many things in one. For example, making crepe or omelet on stainless steel is impossible as it will stick to the bottom, ruining not only your cooked food but maybe your stainless steel pan in cleaning process. Non-stick or hard anodized surface works best for shallow frying food as food does not stick to the bottom and you will not need to use extra butter or oil to cook in it, making it much healthier food choices. Anodized surface best with low and medium heat cooking.

Bare cast iron and enamel coated cast iron material also works like a non-stick cooking surface. Cast iron will require regular seasoning and maintainance but enamel coated cast iron works with out extra work, but do not deep fry food in it.

  • Easy cleaning:

It is not fun to cook in a best cookware, if cleaning up process is complex and time consuming. Is your cookware dishwasher safe or easily clean with water and sponge. Most stainless steel and hard anodized cookware are easiest to clean in dishwasher. Other cookware might be easy enough to wash with little water and mild soap. Cast iron and copper may require little more hands on work to clean, maintain and polish it.

  • Budget:

If you choose the perfect cookware set, only to find that out of your budget can be disheartening. We know we have been there. Find the right budget for you, before you pick your kitchen cookware. Buy the best quality cookware (not necessary the most expensive ones) as some cookware can last your 10, 20 or even more years!. I have a small cherished copper pan in my kitchen from my grandmother’s time, not only it cooks great still but has a lot of memories too. Maybe you like to pass some cookware  on to your child if the piece is strongly built.

Good news is you can buy a good quality cookware without spending fortune nowadays. Look for special deals and sales offer for additional savings.

  • Customer service and help:

In most cases, you will not need to call for customer services and other product issues once your product is delivered. However it is always great to work with a company where you get to talk to live customer service representatives, who are knowledgeable and helpful.  Once we had call customer service to replace a one sauce pan, 5 years after the purchase and our warranty had  expired. We could find the replacement information anywhere and did not want to purchase whole set again. We did have any exception but when we called the original company we purchased online from, they were very helpful trying to locate exact our product for us and were able to give us small discount for being loyal customer. It can’t hurt to ask.

  • Warranty:

Cookware warranties are great, just in case your cookware needs have issues or need replacement. Some products have a limited warranty and some products have lifetime warranty. All-Clad,  Le Creuset and a few other brands offers lifetime warranties on their products, sure their products are expensive but the companies stand behind their products and gives you life time warranty.


As you can see there are lot of things we look for when we buy products for ourselves or when we do reviews. Figure out what works and suits for your budget, and lifestyle before buying a single cookware or whole set.

Check out Cookware Consumer Guide and Best Cookware Reviews for more information.